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Thalan Contingency

The Thalan are a large insectoid race that claim to come from the near future. In that future, humans have destroyed most of the life in the galaxy and so damaged the fabric of space that the universe itself is beginning to collapse upon itself. The Thalan claim to have come back in time to stop the human “crusade.” Naturally, no one believes them.

So why are the Thalan really here? Their home world, Thal, has no buildings more than a few decades old. Their population is extremely small and their technology seems advanced even by the standards of 2242. Speculation is that their home world must be on another planet and that Thal is simply a decoy.

The Thalan did not take part in the Dread Lord war. Their only act during the entire conflict was to destroy the human-made Terror Star and destroy the plans to create additional ones. They are extremely hostile toward anything that appears to have been made by the Precursors.

Unlike other civilizations, Thalan colonies tend to grow very slowly. This is in part because their population is so low, and because they don’t seem to have the capability to make many of the basics of colonization that other races rely on as cheap infrastructure for their fledgling worlds. As a result, they are forced to prefabricate immensely powerful but complex things. Once a Thalan colony gets established, however, their advanced technology assures that its output is second to none.

Culturally, little is known of the Thalan. They are remarkably alien to every major civilization in the galaxy, from the noble Altarians to the bloodthirsty Drengin.

Current Status