Colonize the Universe with 4 Awesome Games: RimWorld, Planetbase, GalCiv III, and Offworld Trading Company!

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07.24.2018 | Island Dog
Stardock Titles - Up to 75% Off in the Steam Summer Sale

Offworld Trading Company Gold Bundle Over 70% Off Includes the Base Game, Jupiter's Forge expansion pack, Real Mars Map... [read full article]

06.21.2018 | Island Dog
3 Years of Galactic Civilizations III and we’re celebrating with a special sale!

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05.14.2018 | Island Dog

The largest strategy
sandbox ever awaits

Game Features

  • Rule through culture, diplomacy,
      technology, or military force
  • Discover each race’s unique
  • Design, share, and 3D print
      any starship you can imagine
  • Challenge your friends in online
Also available from Steam

64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 Required.
All game code is delivered through Steam.

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