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Arcean Empire

The Arcean Empire is one of the oldest civilizations in the known galaxy. Their industrial civilization thrived long before humans evolved on Earth. The twelve-foot-tall Arceans are epic warriors. Prior to the Dread Lord war of 2225, they had put their warrior talents into carving out a significant interstellar empire.

The Arceans helped humans reach the stars in the form of the stargate technology an automated probe shared with Earth in 2117. The advances in theory that stargates gave human scientists allowed mankind to leapfrog the Arceans and develop hyperdrive technology, which revolutionized interstellar travel for the entire galaxy – after the humans naively shared it from Arcea to Drengi, anyway.

The new era of warfare brought on by the spread of hyperdrive visited a series of bloody wars on the Arceans, which suited the militaristic race just fine. Unfortunately for Arcea, the Drengin Empire held back its navies during the Dread Lord war and used their fresh troops to pounce on the weakened Arceans after the Dread Lord menace was finally defeated. The weary and weakened Arcean forces were swiftly defeated, and the Drengin used the opportunity to crush their old foes with massive orbital bombardments.

Current Status

Despite the Drengin’s best efforts, the Arceans are not extinct. With their major power centers in rubble and many worlds’ worth of Arceans slaughtered by the bloodthirsty Drengin, however, the Arceans are not a major force in galactic affairs as of 2242.