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Dread Lords

The Precursor race referred to as the “Dread Lords” (a term coined by the Iconians for the terrible act of giving the mechanical Yor sentience and an enduring hate for all organic life to go with it) had been trapped in a pocket universe following their defeat in the Precursor civil war at the hands of the Arnor.

The Drengin lust for power that drove them to collect Precursor artifacts inadvertently freed the Dread Lords, who quickly went about conquering all before them.

What might have been a disaster for the Drengin turned out to be an immense opportunity. The Drengin made a secret alliance with the Yor; both abandoned colonies and retreated before the Dread Lord fleets, leaving their populations to the mercy of the Dread Lords. By contrast, the Terran Alliance organized the remainder of the galaxy’s major civilizations into a coalition to fight the Dread Lords.

After a bitter five-year war, the coalition was able to defeat the Dread Lords. However, the Drengin/Yor military had been untouched during this conflict and quickly struck out at the weakened coalition members.

after a bitter 5-year war, the coalition was able to defeat the dread lords

The Terran Alliance, caught completely by surprise, was forced to split its forces in two. The first force, led by Colonel DL Bradley, was assigned to find a way to protect Earth from the approaching Drengin fleet. The second fleet was commanded by Colonel Jena Casey.

Colonel Bradley’s fleet was able to recover two key Precursor artifacts. The first was designed to imprison a planet, making it impossible for anything to get in or out. The second was the device that had trapped the Dread Lords in the pocket universe.

With the Drengin fleet in hot pursuit, the remnants of Colonel Bradley’s fleet made it to Earth and used the Precursor device to put an impenetrable force field around the planet, preventing it from being invaded. As the Drengin fleet closed in for the kill, Bradley activated the second Precursor device and the first fleet disappeared from sight.

Meanwhile, Colonel Casey’s fleet was desperately trying to defend the colonies of the Terran Alliance. They enjoyed something of a respite due to the Drengin fighting amongst themselves.

The Drengin and their elite warriors, the Korath, had an ideological difference on what to do with the defeated. The Drengin believed in slavery; the Korath simply wanted the “filth” wiped out. To that end, the Korath exterminated the Korx and most of the Torians and Arceans. The Drengin, horrified at the loss of potential slave profit from the war, turned on the Korath. The Korath were ultimately defeated by the much larger Drengin force, but at a great cost.

The Drengin believed in slavery; the Korath simply wanted the “filth” wiped out

Colonel Casey’s second fleet had been greatly enhanced by the return of a deep space fleet, task force Odyssey. With these increased forces they managed to keep the Yor at bay. However, the second fleet discovered that the Dread Lords, while weakened, were still pulling the strings of the Korath and the Yor.

To end the Dread Lord menace once and for all, Colonel Casey found an unexpected ally in the form of the last Arnorian, Tandis. Tandis had been helping the newly discovered Iconians resist both the Dread Lords and the Drengin forces. Using the industrial capacity of the Iconians and the military planning of the second fleet, Tandis was able to help them construct a Terror Star, a weapon of immense power that could destroy an entire star system.

The Terror Star was able to wipe out the last stronghold of the Dread Lords and their power began to fade. Tandis the Arnor departed for places unknown, leaving the second fleet with a Terror Star and plans to take their fight to the Drengin.

Unfortunately, the Terror Star is soon destroyed by the Thalan, who have an unnatural distrust of humans. The plans to make new Terror Stars also disappeared, leaving the galaxy in the firm grip of the now-uncontested Drengin Empire and their allies, the Yor.