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10 Years Have Passed

The Drengin Empire reigns supreme.

The Arcean home world has been sterilized by massive Drengin orbital bombardment. The Korx are gone. The Drath have disappeared from their world. The Torians are enslaved once again. Altaria still resists, but its colonies have all been destroyed. Earth has been imprisoned behind an impenetrable force field for 10 years. Nothing has gone in or out in that time, not even communications; it remains surrounded by a massive Drengin invasion fleet. The Terran first fleet is still gone, trapped in the pocket universe.

The zealots known as the Krynn have taken their zealotry into the world of commerce in the form of the Krynn Corporation. A vast criminal underground has arisen across the galaxy that even the Drengin have been unable to crush..

Colonel Jena Casey with Taskforce Odyssey and the Second Fleet have fought a slowly losing battle where each Terran colony has been conquered and enslaved by the Drengin Empire in turn. As a result, the second fleet has split between the Patriots and the Mutineers. The Patriots follow the chain of command and Colonel Casey. The Mutineers, bitter against the Thalan for destroying the Terror Star, have adopted savage methods to survive in the name of vengeance against the enemies of Earth.