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The Drengin Menace

The Xendar incident demonstrated the humans’ significant military capability, and their willingness to use that capability in a far more ruthless fashion than the Drengin thought possible.

In the wake of the human genocide of the Xendar, the Drengin tyrant Lord Kona viewed the humans as frauds who hid their propensity for (and, more worryingly, proficiency with) violence behind the facade of benevolence they presented in galactic affairs. The Drengin determined that humans must be destroyed.

The Drengin Empire had made good use of hyperdrive by carving out an immense interstellar empire. During their expansion, they came across evidence of an unknown but impossibly advanced civilization known as the Precursors. The Precursors had apparently once inhabited – and possibly terraformed – most of the inhabitable worlds in the galaxy, but had long since disappeared.

By 2220, the Drengin viewed the humans as the real threat because of their ability to build coalitions among disparate alien species. The Drengin did not possess the ability to cooperate with sub-Drengin species, but this human weakness had become a strength in the hyperdrive era. The time to strike was coming, but they would need to be able to defeat their old enemies, the ancient warrior-race Arcean Empire, as well. The humans had befriended the Arceans, which made them unlikely to stand by and allow the Drengin to exterminate the humans and their Altarian allies.