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You are the leader of a spacefaring civilization.

The Sandbox

Galactic Civilizations III is an open-ended 4X space strategy game that features a robust sandbox mode. The player selects who they want to play as, who they want to play against, the size and configuration of their galaxy, what conditions constitute a victory, and are then set loose along with their clever AI foes on an unsuspecting galaxy.

The Campaign

Galactic Civilizations III will come with a story-driven campaign that introduces players to the game’s setting. In the first campaign for Galactic Civilizations III, the player commands a powerful Terran armada that has just returned from a pocket universe to discover that the Drengin Empire is now firmly in control of the galaxy. It is up to the player to liberate the galaxy from Drengin oppression.


For the first time in the Galactic Civilizations franchise, players can compete against each other over the Internet.

Exploring A Galaxy

Players typically start with a single colony, a colony ship, and a survey ship. They must explore the galaxy to find inhabitable planets. Technological research allows players to colonize the more extreme environments found across the galaxy.

Researching Technology

Each race has their own technology tree that provides unique ship equipment, planetary improvements, weapons, defenses, terraforming, sensors, and more.


Players can negotiate treaties, trade goods and technology, and scheme against common enemies. Diplomacy has always been a key part of the Galactic Civilizations series and Galactic Civilizations III takes this much further.

Colony Management

Players build colonies on alien worlds in an effort to develop their economic and strategic potential. Constructing facilities carefully to take advantage of powerful resource and adjacency bonuses makes colony development a mini-game on its own.

Galactic Resources

New to Galactic Civilizations III are galactic resources that unlock incredible weapons and fantastical colony improvements like pleasure domes and planetary shields when captured and mined. These add another layer of interest to the strategic map.

Much much more!

Galactic Civilizations III is the largest strategy sandbox ever made. Tons of info about additional features and details about systems and content can be found on the forums and on the official wiki.