The revenge of the Terrans, starring D.L. Bradley

Posted on Friday, March 7, 2014

Dark days are upon the besieged inhabitants of Sol III. However, an incandescent explosion of hope returns to Earth in the form of Admiral D.L. Bradley and his unstoppable fleet of vengeance as our story begins. But what price have Bradley and his soldiers paid for the terrible weapons they now turn against the Drengin menace?

As I noted last week, we're working hard on bringing more character and flavor to the Galactic Civilizations universe. The foundation of that effort is to bring the leaders to life, not just with the wonderful visuals our talented cinematic artist Kevin Manning has crafted for each of them, but with personalities of their own.

Joining Harondin Gaul of the Iridium, this week I bring you Admiral D.L. Bradley of the Terran First Fleet. The Terrans have long been known as the diplomats and traders of the galaxy, but the Thalan have never stopped their dire warnings of an apocalypse started by the humans. Seeing their allies in the Grand Coalition all but exterminated and watching billions of humans slaughtered as their empires burned will have an effect on any species. The Drengin/Yor sneak attack at the conclusion of the Dread Lords war may not work out so well for the belligerent aliens after all...

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* * *

The self-imposed exile Admiral D.L. Bradley led his fleet into has taken its toll on the once-friendly leader. Giving the order to turn tail and run from forces he knew would simply turn their guns on undefended Terran colonies cost Bradley dearly, and he is determined to make that sacrifice count.

Sixteen years have passed in our galaxy since the Terran First Fleet escaped into the pocket dimension that previously housed the Dread Lords. Sixteen years of the fleet being cut off entirely from the fate of the rest of the human race.

Sixteen years for Bradley and his veterans to prepare the hell they so dearly wanted to unleash on the treacherous Drengin and Yor that shattered the Grand Coalition and killed untold billions of humans and their allies.

The time in isolation tempered Bradley’s already steely soul into a core of pure diamond. His demeanor, once friendly, is now cool and professional. Only by locking away his anger and grief at the aftermath of the Dread Lords war has he been able to remain in control and keep his fleet focused on the mission. After sixteen years, those emotions have atrophied from neglect. The mission is everything. Nothing that detracts from the mission is worth considering.

Despite his unyielding devotion to the vengeance he has pledged his life to, Bradley is an extremely competent leader. His intuitive understanding of interpersonal relations, morale, and diplomacy has kept the fleet unified in its purpose in the face of the harsh conditions they have endured. He can be accommodating and even gracious regarding disputes, requests, or treaties that he doesn’t see as affecting his core mission. As soon as Bradley feels that his primary goals are threatened, he flatly refuses to compromise and will fight to the bitter end to achieve them.

Terrans remain notable among the galaxy’s major species for their diplomatic gifts and innovative thinking, but the tragedy recently visited upon them has uncovered a hard core within not just Bradley but in the collective Terran soul. Thalan warnings about the threat Terrans supposedly pose to the galaxy, once written off as deranged nonsense, are becoming easier and easier for the other races to heed.