Meet the Altarian Leader, Akari Malara

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Humanity’s allies are bloodied but unbroken in the Galactic Civilizations III timeframe. The former leader of the Republic, Eleys Mue, died at the hands of the Drengin paving the way for the Resistance to take more direct measures that ultimately pushed the Drengin off her world.  Succeeding her is Akari Malara of the Iru-Wraith'ir. She is a smart and capable woman willing to deal with the Drengin-dominated galaxy as it is, not the galaxy some of her peace-loving people wish it was. The Altarian Republic is in good -- or at least effective -- hands.

Lead designer Paul Boyer explains Akari Malara thusly:

Like the Terrans, the Altarian Republic has suffered greatly after the wars surrounding the return of the Dread Lords. They may have been wiped out entirely if not for the leader of the Altarian Resistance, Akari Malara. She kept the Altarian people united, giving them the strength to hold firm in the face of the Drengin domination of the galaxy.

While the Altarian Republic now claims to have never truly fallen, their government has been entirely taken over by the key members of the Altarian Resistance. This change can be seen in the way the Altarians now interact with the rest of the galaxy; though still looked upon as the high water mark of benevolence, they are now even less likely to trust outsiders and will often choose to stay aloof from galactic conflict rather than risking further cultural contamination.

Akari Malara herself has become an almost religious figure. The Altarian Resistance sees her as the savior of the Altarian people, and her control over her people is unprecedented in Altarian history. Even her worst critics admire her leadership, though they whisper that she is perhaps a bit too pragmatic.

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Fixed the confusion between Elsys Mue, the leader of the Altarian Republic and Akari Malari, the resistance leader who restored Altaria's independence.