Krynn Corporation, the New Korx?

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I was a late bloomer to Galciv 2, but when I first played it, I fell in love with the Krynn Consulate. I liked the idea of a multiracial / multispecies group that is unified by a belief.


After reading this:, my eyes focused on two things: "The Korx are gone." and "The zealots known as the Krynn have taken their zealotry into the world of commerce in the form of the Krynn Corporation."


Everyone knows that the Korx would sell you their own mothers to make a buck, and with this new economic emphasis that the Krynn are taking, I'm thinking that the remnants of the Korx will join up with the Krynn?


I also really liked the Korx in Galciv 2 as well, and I enjoyed seeing both Kralax and Ynrhed Eidden's faces when you talked to them in the diplomacy screen.


While the hypothetical marriage of two of my favorite factions would be great, I still hope both of these two leaders (or their successors) still make it in the game.


What do you all think?


Will the Korx join the Krynn? Or will the defeated Korx have to change gears from an economic emphasis to being pirates of sort while the Krynn take on the duties of galactic commerce leaders?