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What started as a crusade has become a war of retribution.

Your civilization has uncovered powerful artifacts, discovered how to construct hypergates, encountered two new major civilizations and much more in this exciting expansion to the award-winning space 4X game.

  • Artifacts

    Powerful items buried on planets across the galaxy will give your civilization instant-access to new abilities.

  • Supply ships

    No longer do your planets act just as islands in space. Supply ships can be constructed to deliver goods and services to your other planets to aid in their development.

  • New Major Civilizations

    The Drath and the Korath are back! The manipulative Drath pull the strings across the galaxy while the Korath rely on extermination. Each has its own set of special abilities, bonuses, and ship parts.

  • Hypergates

    Construct powerful gateways that, when linked, allow your fleets to travel even faster across hyperspace.

  • New Technology Tree

    A top to bottom overhaul of the technology tree adds depth and sharpens the strategic choices in your research options.

  • Retribution Campaign

    The climactic final battle players have been waiting for. The malevolent Drengin Empire thought humans were soft and peace-loving. They made a terrible mistake that may now end in their extinction.

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Operating System

64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 /
8 / 7


4 GB


512 MB DX 10.1 (AMD
Radeon HD5x00 Series /
Nvidia GeForce 500 Series /
Intel HD 4000 or later)


1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo /
AMD K10 Dual-Core

Hard Drive Space

12 GB

Sound Card


*Requires Galactic Civilizations III (sold separately) to play.