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Honorable Mentions

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Terran dreadnaught template with counter-rotating habitation rings. When you just need to kill stuff. (Huge hull made with all terran parts)


The Companion Class Battlecruiser is designed to work in massive formations to present a wall of deadly particle beams to the approaching enemy. It is capable of anahilating even the largest of enemy vessels and can quickly penetrate a large formation of enemy ships.


The Spector is one of the Altarian's large cruisers. Sleek and agile for fast raids and a rapid response.


The Triton class battleship. This ship contains many small details from the masts to the advanced turrets. I have attached the functional weapons to the tip of the barrels on the turrets. She carries a large bow mounted missile which mounts two nightmares in the cone.

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The Archangel is a medium class hunter, agile enough to take out fighter squadrons and powerful enough to be a serious threat to cruisers.


The Trojan Troop Transporter has Light shielding and weapons, as well as a larger engine than the standard transport for rapid deployment. The craft lands on the target world and becomes both barracks, HQ and fortification for the invasion force.


The pride of the Dreaded Snarthi Fleet, the Behemoth Battleship has more guns than sense, just the way the evil Snarthi like it. All hail the Snarth!

The Sisko

The Gallant heavy fighter is the premier stand-off fighter in the Terran fleet. Equipped with missile launchers it can devastate other small craft and in number is a risk to larger vessels.

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The L-35 Battle Axe is an advanced strategic asset primarily intended for rapid-response assault. Beyond its original purpose, the Battle Axe is a capital ship that can be outfitted for a broad range of primary and supportive roles.




Axion Class Battlecruiser - Out gun and out run your foes with the latest in Ion-spin drives.


Altarian Loki-Class Fighter. All Altarian parts.

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