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Assemble your cabinet of advisors, choose a form of government, and earn the trust and faith of your people. Politics are here on a galactic scale in Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue!

  • Choose your form of government

    Rule with a gentle touch - or with an iron fist! You can rule democratically, but keep the favor of your people so you don’t lose the next election. Or, you could adopt an Owner Aristocracy to enslave your working class. There's also an Interstellar Plutocracy that allows your corporations to rule... you can handle a rebellion, right?

  • Establish a Commonwealth

    Put your colonies on a path to self-sufficiency! As your empire grows, worlds on the outskirts will want to become independent. By granting these worlds a status of commonwealth, they'll be converted into an ally who will implement your requests on the galactic scene, as well as provide a substantial stipend back to your home civilization.

  • Keep up with current events using the Galactic News Network

    In space, there is no biased reporting - that’s because we’ve hired a robot to handle it! Check the news to monitor who’s allying with who, who’s declared war on each other, and many other activities that are going on across the galaxy.

  • Guide your civilization through major crises

    Choose your own adventure! Special crises events can pop up and throw a wrench into your plans for your civilization. You might have to quell a group of violent revolutionaries, or rally your forces against a massive space creature. How you decide to handle each situation affects events, options, opportunities, and rewards.

  • Explore exciting new content

    Be prepared for anything! From famine to protests, you’ll face new events that challenge your leadership and test your people. Certain governments and crises will award you with brand new ships that can’t be obtained through any other means. Your choices determine your path and what rewards and penalties you’ll have to deal with, so choose wisely.

  • Trade on the Galactic Market

    There’s (almost) always a good deal at the market! Sell Durantium before extensive mining drives down the price, or pay a premium to get some Elerium to construct that new prototype flagship you’ve been wanting. How steep the price gets depends entirely on how much is (or isn’t) available, so buy and sell with care!

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Operating System

64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 /
8 / 7


4 GB


512 MB DX 10.1 (AMD
Radeon HD5x00 Series /
Nvidia GeForce 500 Series /
Intel HD 4000 or later)


1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo /
AMD K10 Dual-Core

Hard Drive Space

12 GB

Sound Card


*Requires Galactic Civilizations III (sold separately) to play.