I defeated an enemy and the game abruptly ended saying I was defeated

bug in game play kills you off

Posted on Monday, October 2, 2023

Hi all, I can't figure this one out.  If I could share the gameplay save point, I would.  I'm a noobie; please forgive my misnaming of the civilizations below.

I did a large galaxy game.  I'm down to 4 civilizations including mine.  I'm strong, have a close relationship with the Slynge (sp?), a decent relationship with the IC, and at war the the Dengiun (sp?).  I just defeated the Denguin.  After I defeated them, the next turn starts, but then abruptly the game ends saying my civilization was destroyed.  

I turned off all possible game ends accept war or diplomacy just to keep the game going. 

I don't understand what happened.  I can't seem to get that straightened out, and I can't continue the game.  

so...what gives?  I appreciate the help.  I may have hit a bug in the game?  Has anyone else hit that?