Critical bug causing the gameplay to stop - AI's turn never ends

Posted on Wednesday, June 21, 2023


I would like to report a bug that happens deep in the game. In my case on turn 68 when I hit the turn button, the Arcean empire AI's turn never ends. This causes the gameplay to not be possible to continue. Bug severity critical...

I have noticed a thread on steam community with 3 other players reporting the same issue during 2022 and 2023. Here is the link:

Here is more information for your devs to hopefully be able to reproduce the bug at your end: 

1) Here is a link to the saved game file on dropbox:

2) I have 4 DLCs installed, namely:

i) DLC4 Precursor world 

ii) EXP1 Mercenaries 

iii) EXP2 Crusade 

iv) EXP4 Retribution 

3) I tried validating files on steam, and steping back in load games a few turn back to see if different gameplay decissions may make the Arcean empire AI to pass the turn to next AI. Nothing worked. Exactly as in the case of the other players description on the steam community thread. 


Can you please fix this bug? 

In with update will you be able to fix it? 

Kindly note, that this bug causes the gameplay to actually stop the entire game. Therefor if you will not be able to resolve the bug I will aask for refund in 3 month. That would be around 21st September 2023. 

Thank you for otherwise great game, hope you can resolve this critical bug. If you need more info to help reproduce the bug, Ill be glad to help.