missing techs for Snathi and Torian Regime

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2023

When Constructing a StarBase, I cannot construct Economic Ring -> Zero Gravity as that tech is missing in the tech tree.  (Thus Orbital Replicators and Interstellar Collections cannot be reached even though they are present in the tech tree.)

Also, a missing StarBase Market in the tech tree prohibits building a Starbase Market; i.e., one cannot construct Economic Ring -> Starbase Market. for either the Snathi or the Torian Regime when I attempt to play as them.

Please fix this for the Revenge of the Snathi and the Mercanaries Campaigns also, hopefully by the next upcoming fix.



Special Note - I have installed Base Game + all DLC's that install new races - not including Crusade, Intrigue, or Retribution.

Note that even if I installed Crusade, Intrigue, and/or Retribution, that would make absolutely no difference for the Campaign tech trees for the Snathi OR the Torian Regime civs.  I'm not sure how the Snathi or Torian tech trees change for the sandbox/ standard games, though...