Quality of life improvements for game lovers

hypergates, rebuilding, shipyards, movement, solar systems, locations

Posted on Friday, February 11, 2022

I love the game, but there are certain mechanics and issues that make the game unplayable in late stages of the game. These issues are small, and hopefully could easily be fixed for a significant quality of life improvement in the game.

Issue #1 - Hyperlinks

Currently: sometimes I want to change the link on a gate
Issue: when there are many gates already linked to one gate, I have no idea which link I'll be removing when I make the change. This makes is slow and painful to change links on gates with many links.
Suggested Solution: somewhere on the hypergate info tile, include the current linked gate.

Issue #2 - Rebuilding

Currently: in late stages of the game, I want to change the buildings in one tile to optimize the planet overall.
Issue: to do this, I need to destroy the building currently blocking a new build, and destroy the building I want to move (assuming I'm doing a move). This causes me to lose the benefit of both buildings while the building is rebuilt.
Suggested Solution: Create an 2 new options in building: (1) build over, which keeps the existing blocking building until a new building is built over it, and (2) move, which keeps the old building in place while it's new location is being built.

Issue #3 - Shipyards

Currently: I receive a shipyard is idle message and I need to decide what to build next.
Issue: Often what I want to build next is dependent on what was just completed at the shipyard, and there is no way to finding out what was just completed (unless it was a ship, and then I need to check if it's still sitting outside the shipyard).
Suggested Solution: include some information inside the shipyard that reads: "Most recently completed: X" where X = last built shipyard project or ship.

Issue #4 - Movement

Currently: I have a unit that is to move 20 hexes.
Issue: If I want to move the unit exactly 20 hexes, I need to manually count the 20 hexes to ensure I don't over or under set the 
"go to" location.
Suggested Solution: when a unit is selected for movement, and cursor is hovering of a hex, include a little dialogue that reads "Moves in 0 turns, with 6 movement points leftover" or "Moves in 1 turn, with 3 movements points leftover", etc.

Issue #5 - Solar Systems

Currently: sometimes I want to rename my wholesale solar system, starting with the Sun, then the planets, then the shipyard.
Issue: renaming the Sun doesn't rename the automated naming of planets and stars (i.e. to take the new Sun name), so I have to manually rename each planet and shipyard after renaming the Sun, even for newly colonized planets or newly built shipyards.
Suggested Solution: The automated pattern for planet and shipyard names should take into account the new Sun name (not the original name).

Issue #6 - Planet, Starbase, and Shipyard locations

Currently: in big map games when I have a lot of planets, starbases, and shipyards, it becomes very difficult to find each of them if there is an event on the planet, the shipyard is idle, or scrolling through the shipyard list.
Issue: my workaround for this is to rename all planets, starbases, and shipyards with a prefix to identify where it is located in the galax e.g. NNWWW Sun Name, NW, Planet Name SWW Starbase Name, SEEEE Shipyard Name, EE Hypergate Name. However this is manual, adds a lot of slowness to the game.
Solution: add a basic and visible coordinates location indicator to the details of each object in the game in all dialogues especially when it pops up for events.

I have other ideas to improve the game, but these are my bigger frustrations. Hope they can be implemented in the future update!