Console commands help

Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2021

I've been experimenting with the console commands and I haven't found much detailed information about some of them, most of them I can figure out like the ones that add credits or switch players. I was wondering if anyone knew what these commands did in detail?

My main thing is that I want to disable ai control for some players in a singleplayer game in order to create a sort of hotseat game. I can't play the game multiplayer because of a bug when joining MP games after around turn 100, and I'm desperate enough to go searching through the console to find a solution and it seems like it might be possible but I don't know enough about these commands to really understand what I'm doing. I have already looked at the explanations for commands given when you type 'help <command>' but I'm wondering if there are more detailed explanations of those commands.

If you can help or know where I can find help then let me know.