Can we get a pinned topic for GC3 XML issues?

Posted on Saturday, September 18, 2021

it would be nice to have a pinned topic for each release related to obvious issues in the XML files.

I'm not talking about balance or features, nor actual game code bugs.

I'm talking about: (a) typos in things like descriptions, and ( VERY obvious XML mistakes that should be addressed.


For instance, in 4.2, the SubSpace Resonator (Benevolent) special improvement has a problem with the Per-Level bonus. It's a bonus to sensor power for all ships. However, while it's put in as "0.05" - meaning +5% per adjacency level of the SSB bonus, the XML has "Flat" rather than "Percentage". 

Which means, each level of the SSR adds 0.05 to the sensor power of each ship. That's not even a bad joke when you need a dozen or more sensor power to add to the radius range by just 1. The current entry is just flat (pun intended) WRONG.


There's a fair amount of this kind of thing floating around, and it would be nice to have some place (since we don't have a bug database publicly accessible) to put these errors when we find them.