lingering, distracting typos


Posted on Monday, August 16, 2021

Hi, friends,

This is not to complain, but just an observation. Gal Civ III is a wonderful game, but the typos can get distracting. It's just small things here and there. I was keeping a list but now I can't find it! Rats. Anyway -- if you have an editor or proofreader on staff or contract, you might ask her or him to go through the dialogs and descriptions throughout the entire game. It needs a good going-over, and then it will be even more polished and enjoyable.

As an editor and an avid gamer I am willing to help out with this task if you like -- for GalCiv III and the upcoming GalCiv IV. I am glad to be of service if I can.

Ready to rid the galaxy of typos,

Eric B