Serveral Feature Requests

Feature Requests

Posted on Saturday, August 14, 2021


i've some ideas for new Features in the next Releases:

1. Sort Colonies after Numbers of Defending Ships in the Orbit in the Civilization Screen.

2. Make Starbases and Hypergates like Shipyards moveable with a special technology or a special ship (with tractor beam) or other Mechanismen (e.g. Engine as Module)

3. Ability to Remove Legions from a Planet to the global Pool,

4. Ability to Blockade a enemy Plant with own Ships. According to Planet Size are a higher Amount of Ships to make the Blockade complete. The blocked Planet cann't share his Resources (Taxes, Research..) to his Empire (its the Blockade Level 40% e.g. only 60% the Resources are added to the Empire, who own the Planet)

5. Planetary Shilds to block an Invasion of the Planet. The Shild Generator must be disabled by Espionage.

6. Invention of a Steahl Device for Ships (like Klingon Ships in Star Trek)

7. Show Numbers of Fighters and Sensorpower in the Planetary Stats.

8. ETA Information in the Ship Details.

9. Information in the Shipyard Overview which Collection Point is active.

10. Fighters in the Planetry Defense must rebuild after Destruction.

11. Chance to make Wormholes stable (and a Event that remove a stable Wormhole)

12. Ability to defined Worklists in the Shipyard