[mods][ability] Custom Ability Mod Mass Entries?

Posted on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I have downloaded that overpowered mod from nexus. It's cool. I have hacked it all up. However, some things just don't work.

There are a bunch of Mod sections like this;

Code: xml
  1.          <Mod>
  2.             <EffectType>BeamMass</EffectType>
  3.             <Scope>Global</Scope>
  4.             <Target>
  5.                 <TargetType>Ship</TargetType>
  6.             </Target>
  7.             <BonusType>Multiplier</BonusType>
  8.             <Value>-0.75</Value>
  9.         </Mod>

It doesn't take. I've confirmed the <EffectType> entries are correct (as found in StatTypes.xsd).

What am I missing? Am I just using the wrong BonusType or Value?