Please Fix The Way Carriers Work ATM

Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

I've noticed that for players like me who have the base game plus all DLCs up to Retribution, there's been one thing we've experienced in common when it comes to using carriers; no matter which carrier module we choose (all the way up to High Capacity Carrier modules), carriers only seem to produce Tiny Guardians that uses only Missiles these days.

I understand that carriers tended to be OP in earlier iterations of the game, but this is way too much of a nerf. They needed a nerfing from producing Small hulls to Tiny hulls only, that's fine; but it really bugs me that my carrier fighter swarms are now entirely useless in battle unless I invest in Missile weapons tech, regardless of whether it's actually the primary weapons tech I want to focus on in a game.

Can this be fixed at least so that either;

a. carrier fighters use the weapons tech that I've researched the furthest, no matter which one it is, or

b. we can choose which type of weapons our carrier fighters equip? I'd suggest that Assault Fighters use only Beams, Interceptor Fighters use only Kinetics, and Guardian Drones use only Missiles (my personal preferences, based solely on the effective ranges of each type of weapon).

I understand you guys are busy with GC4, and really I'd be happy to keep playing around with GC3 until the sequel is ready for primetime... but this is really dampening any enthusiasm I might have to do so.

Thanks for your consideration.