Posted on Sunday, January 31, 2021

So I just got GC3 and I'm trying it out. This is the first time for the franchise, however, I have been playing Civ 6 (although I'm not great at it, I enjoy it a lot). I started playing a game, but I feel like I'm just making shots in the dark, so I was hoping for some general advice (note that I'm playing on beginner):

  1. What are some good starter factions?
  2. What kind of fleets should I be building? As in, how many ships would be a good starting point? Obviously, I don't want too few, but too many will hobble my efforts in other areas, so where is the sweet spot roughly?
  3. What kind of techs should I be focusing on?
  4. What are some good milestones that I should be aiming for? Eg, 5 colonies by turn 50, etc.
  5. Any other advice?
  6. More for future reference should I fall in love with thie game, what DLCs are worth it?

I did look at the useful links but, and it was helpful in some ways, but didn't really give me advice on how to start. Thanks for your help!