My Go to Game for 4x

(Galactic Civilizations III is the greatest)

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2020

Greetings Gal Civer's,

I was restarting a new game of Civ 6 and 2k just announced the Byzantium empire DLC. 

I like the Civ series. The mechanics are good and graphics and combat are engaging. 

However, I just did not want to rebuild a new game so I fired up a new game within Gal Civ III. As usual I play my malevolent Vulcans from Mirror Mirror (goatee Spock for the win!).

There is just something about Gal Civ and its features that keep me hitting the turn button over and over and over again. This does happen while playing Civ games but not as gripping as I have it with Gal Civ. 

Something about space and fleets and beam weapons. ..oh yea. That does it! I know with the situation we are in that a new space based 4x game is not likely this year or next but one can hope. 

I just wanted to come here and say since I was an alpha tester for Gal Civ III and stepped up to Elite Founder I never regretted my choice and Galactic Civilizations has been and continues to be,  the  #1 4x game in my library. 

I encourage all who own this game to fire up a new game, put your map settings to ludicrous and sit back and watch a day (or two) disappear from your life!