CTD at exactly 30 minutes into a game

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Every single game I play, using a stock map, or one made using the in-game 'map maker', gets a CTD at exactly 30 minutes.


I have tried both base and dev .exe, with and without auto-save, turning down graphics options to minimum, and a clean install. I am running the base game with all the DLC except minor factions. Windows 10. I have tried enabling compatability mode for win8, and win 7, and enabling run as admin, and disabling all overlays, and the 'fullscreen optimizations' option. 


My most recent dump file is here :


CPU: i7-6700 @3.4GHz

32GB of Ram

Nvidia GTX1070, I forget how much ram.


Game is currently on a HDD, but I have tried it on a SATA SSD, and an M.2 SSD, with the same results.


I really, really wanna play this game again, but it's unplayable like this.


Also, saving near the 30 minute mark and reloading the game does not help. It's the 30 minute mark of the actual game. It can sit on the menus for hours just fine, and if I load a game saved at 29:30, it will crash in 30 seconds.



Please, someone, save this game for me.