Game and Metaverse scoring

How the heck does it work?

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I've never understood how the game comes up with your final score, except for the general feeling that the higher your military attack, research output, influence, production output, and income, the higher your score, and that playing on higher difficulty levels should also raise your score.

Version 4.0 made a huge change to the scoring, where I'm now getting scores of 4 to 5 million where before my highest score was in the range of 1500.

But then I happened to look in the Metaverse, where I see someone with a single game that scored over 2.1 billion, in a tiny galaxy and Beginner difficulty.

Can someone explain how the scoring works?  I don't really care about the Metaverse ladders, it just makes me really wonder what is going on.