Bug / Balance problems with all Tourist improvements...

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2020

I've been poking around the XML for the various Tourist improvements (up through Retribution 4.0), and they seem to have some major inconsistency problems.


It's apparent in pretty much all of the Tourism improvements:  Import/Export Center, Port of Call, Tourist Haven. plus all the various tourist Galactic wonders (Paxton's Emporium), etc. 

The one-per-player improves all do +1% per level to ColonyGrossIncome, just for that planet.  That's ludicrously bad.  Especially since the primary bonus on the building is flat +1% to Tourism (not per level, just the building bonus). 

Looking at the various Galactic Wonders, they have either a +3% or +5%/level bonus to Gross income.

Also, I just noticed that most of these (both Player and Galactic) have the base ability set as a FLAT bonus type to Tourism. Which is absolutely wrong (adding 0.01 to tourism is a bad, bad joke). It should be MULTIPLIER.


However, looking at the XML, it appears that there are some major inconsistencies as to what they are supposed to be accomplishing. Again, given how they are described, and comparing them to other buildings and their configurations, there needs to be a MAJOR readjustment to them, to bring them back into both utility, and make them consistent.


First off, there are several decisions that have to be made, regarding Tourism improvements:

  1. Do Galactic Wonders provide a Tourism boost *just* to that planet, or to ALL planets?
  2. The same for Player Wonders.
  3. Should they level up and provide a Tourism boost, or a Wealth Boost? 
  4. Should these level adjustments be planet-specific, or empire-wide?
  5. Tourism adjustments are obviously percentage bonuses. What should Wealth bonuses be? Flat or Percentages?


Given how other things work, I think I'd suggest the following:

  • For Galactic Wonders:
    1. The base Tourism modifier is a GLOBAL one. It remains a %. I'd suggest the lowest one (Paxton's) be set to +0%, because it really is there to enable tourism before the Tech is researched.  For the rest, it should be and increasing larger one for the more powerful wonders (e.g. +3% and +5% for the Boyer's World and Restaurant of Eternity)
    2. The Level Modifier be Colony-specific.  I'd suggest it be BOTH Tourism and ColonyNetIncome. I'd suggest +5% for the first, and a flat +1 for the latter.
  • For Player Wonders:
    1. The base Tourism modifier is a Colony-specific one.  It should be pretty high, I'd suggest +10% at least.
    2. The level modifier be Colony-specific.  I'd probably not give it a Tourist bump, but again, I'd suggest a flat +1 to ColonyNetIncome per level.

By using ColonyNetIncome, the Tourist improvements don't benefit from all those Wealth modifiers, which seems appropriate and balanced.  They already give an adjacency bonus there.


I've attached an XML snippet (to go into ImprovementDefs.xml) that provides all the fixes.