STILL two annoying balance bugs, 3 years going on....

Posted on Monday, May 11, 2020

Folks, there are still 2 pretty obvious balance bugs that exist in Crusade-derived versions. These are long-standing, and really annyong that they're still there.


1.  Market Center and Shopping Center economic improvements STILL don't provide a +1 wealth adjacency. These are the basic Wealth buildings, and the equivalent Research and Production buildings all have this adjacency.  These should have the same kind of adjacency setup; otherwise, Wealth buildings are the only ones which don't benefit from arranging them well, and tend to be scattered around willy-nilly. It's a simple, quick, fix (and I have to re-mod it in XML each release to get it back).

Just add the +1 Wealth Adjacency to each, and dial back the base wealth bonus (from +25%/+30% to +10%/+20%). 


2. In the Mercenaries DLC, the RG-278 has a bonus of "+5 to Raw Production".  This is LUDICROUSLY over-powered, especially for a tier-1 mercenary, and is completely out-of-balance with all the other mercenaries.  Raw Production provides bonuses to Manufacturing, Wealth, AND Research. +5 is waaaaaaay to much.

Either dial this back to +2 to Raw Production, or, better yet (and fitting in better with all the other merc bonuses), change this to +5 to Manufacturing


Guys, really, these should have been fixed ages ago.  In Crusade.