Population over Cap

AKA: How do I kill my citizens?

Posted on Saturday, May 9, 2020

Okay so I literally left this game for a while bc of this and other stupid mechanics. Please please pleeeaasseee help me? Note: I'm new so I may not be in the know or stuff?

Game: originally vanilla, this past week Gold (all the dlc and expansions), today activated the cheat screen to enable genocides.

Bought via Steam, fully updated.


So uh. My planets routinely run into the ground approval-wise, which I hate (I am a benevolent overly-mushy ruler), and made me just make tons of colony ships (that were upgraded to kill the colonists after like, turn 50 bc not enough colony planets) - but at a certain point I found out my population makes literally no sense.

Somehow, my worlds keep going over their pop cap. This past hour, I used a cheat to kill millions of citizens, because Kona (pop cap=5) had 8.7 people. Wisp got to 8, Iconia got to 16, Altaria (cap=16 rn) was 30.6 at one point when I ignored it for a bit.


What is going on?? What should I do??