Confused by galciv3 retribution economy

Posted on Monday, April 27, 2020

Alright I've beaten Galciv3 Mercenaries and now upgraded my game's copy to Galciv3 retribution. Then I am stumped because I don't understand how to build my economy. My planets make so very little cash.


I see that approval building now gives bonus to wealth buildings.


Then planet count got nuked turning the Ludicrous galaxy map into a tiny map civ 5 tall player's paradise for some reason? I remember that in galciv3 mercenaries i could have 30-50 planets after initial expansion phase very easily now its just 10+ commonly.


I'm so confused right now. Where is the money??? I tried building the economy starbase but they don't do anything anymore. I just maintain something like 20+ credits per turn just barely. All my cash is coming from free maintenance starbases via pragmatism + treasure hunters.


The ais always see my super tiny fleets of 10ish ships and declare war only to be crushed by my properly designed ships. That's great if you have 300 ships yeah, nice story bro but unless you can deploy all 300 in a single battle against my 10 ships you are going to get crushed if you send only 10-20 at a time piecemeal until your entire armada is gone and I'm shelling your worlds and using your shipyards as target practice and free exp. Only thing that stops me from killing you is that I don't get economy of galciv3 retribution.


I'm so confused and tutorial is of no help, it doesn't tell me anything that's actually important.