Oh Great another newbie Yor Collective Post

Please help

Posted on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hi All,


Running v4.0 as Yor.  For starters when you are selecting your race it would be nice to clue the user in as to how the Yor produce population because that is unclear.  We also see helpful advice for the silicon lifeforms.  


Now onto the real problem, what in the heck do I need to research to build population?  And a second question do I build population like a normal infrastructure improvement?  Now to a couple of more nuanced questions, does food matter for the Yor to build cities?  And also does growth modifies do anything for the Yor?(My guess is no)


As a small aside is it unusual to have a star with 0 planets?


Thanks for all the help.  I really love the idea of playing as a synthetic race, and am happy to test them but its very unclear for someone to learn.