I need some help please.

Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2020

I haven't played galciv 3 in several years but now that I have appropriately powerful PC again that's kinda up to date + decent amount of free time again, only catch is that I have completely forgotten how to play this game.


There seems to have been quite significant changes from the last I've played.


I notice there is now a "City" improvement that increases the population cap for a planet.

And how do I get to building stuff really quickly? 18 turns for a basic factory is too slow. Rush buying is only a temporary measure.


How much does asteroids add to my planets if I set up a mining factory in its radius?


And is it fine if starbase's radius overlaps because I get spots where I want to establish a mining starbase and influence starbase together.


And I noticed that building new additions to starbases is now alot less annoying than before, just simply click and buy.


Is it important to build cities on every planet?


Should I be even concerned about a city's level? Because it seems like it gives only 3 population cap increase no matter what level it is.


I do stuff like when I establish a new colony i start rush buying like four basic factories on it but it doesn't even increase production at all even when they're all adjacent to each other and it still builds stuff too slowly.


How do i generate alot of science? How do i generate alot of population very quickly?


At very least, I still remember how to fight my battles in galciv3, the invading space monsters got spanked by my tiny puny ships.


So much stuff I forgot and I only remember the flashiest part of galciv3, its space battles


Please help me get started up. Thank you.