Bug Influence Not Updated After Use Of Artifact v3.96

Posted on Friday, January 17, 2020


Here is a screenshot before using the "Echoing Heartstone" artifact (+1000 Influence to the planet).
Note that the planet tooltip displays "640" for influence instead of the real value "1640" which is displayed in the planet info area at the bottom left of the screen.
See a description of this bug in this post.

After using the artifact, the influence value is increased by 1000 points in the planet tooltip (1640).
This time it is the value in the info zone of the planet which is not updated, the value remained at "1640" instead of passing to "2640" which is the true value normally.

The planet screen influence tooltip has increased to 1640 points.

On leaving the planet screen, the value in the planet info area is updated and therefore increases to 2640 points as it should have done just after the use of the artifact.
The value in the planet tooltip remains at 1640 points.

Return to the planet screen, where the value has now increased to 2640 points.
The planet tooltip remains at 1640 points.