Multiple Crashes and Issues

Message Count Mismatch

Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Today, my brothers and I attempted to play a game on various map sizes with all of them either never being able to be joined, or only lasting a few minutes before a crash in game. We went a better part of two hours attempting to get this going, but simply could not.

I had created several factions for the purpose as operating as A.I opponents and transferred them to my brother as he was one the one making the game, and I suspected it may have been them, maybe I transferred them improperly or something, but as the game would occasionally actually run with in tow, I had doubts they were the culprits.

The most common message was "Message Count Mismatch", we had a few peer to peer connection issues which I just chalk up to a bad day for steam or our connection, which honestly I would be fine with. but I could not find any information anywhere about this Message Count Mismatch error, so I figured I would atleast seek information here.