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Posted on Monday, January 13, 2020


Step 1 - I have not played since crusade/merccenaries but got the itch once more and after spending £42.50 today on expansions, i am sad to say that the game will not create any galaxies. I have switched off steamsync andi have also re-validated files may times without success. I have also switched on the latest opt in beta and for some reason, the game will simply not start.

Step 2 - Ok looking at another thread, i renamed Crusade to crusade.old and there is no difference and i have also reinstalled the game.

Step 3 - Uninstalled retribution, origins, intrigue and that's what i have to do to get a galaxy to load. I then re-installed the expansions and can confirm that the same races and same galaxy setup worked. If any of the races added in the above newest expansions, a galaxy will not be created in seemingly any combination or galaxy settings.