Is there a way to control message overload?

Posted on Sunday, January 12, 2020

Personally I think the amount of messages in a row is sometimes a bit annoying:


Now with Intrigue, I do get:

GNN News

Election messages

All kinds of AI diplo requests or infos/warnings

Whatever else pops up


Thats means you have to go through a bunch of popup msgs in a row, and rather often. Some of them are important no doubt, but I seriously wished there was a way to reduce them overall or have a quick way to confirm at least those which are pure info (like: "Be warned, XY has a powerful military" or "trade has strengthened our relations..." etc)


On top of it there is also regularly the msg "overlap" where one popup follows immediately after the other, and the older seems just gone. I get this very often, would be great if this could be changed.