Spy Promotions v3.96

Posted on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Has anyone ever seen any of the spy promotions described in this article?

"...saboteurs, assassins, provocateurs and more" at the end of the article.

Or in this one...

There was also this for the Commander's promotions:

"As cool as Commanders are, it's the promotions that make them really interesting.

If you have the right ideology and the right resources, your Commanders can do some awesome stuff.

A few examples of what your Commanders can do if you have the right ideology and the resources:

    Convert ship into a transport (you have an opportunity to take a key world, you can convert your Commander to a General if you have the right resources).
    Martyr.  Guarantees victory. Destroys enemy fleet.  Citizens are very precious, so this would be a pretty desperate measure, is only available to the Pragmatic Ideology, and has a stiff resource cost.
    Overlord.  If you're evil enough, you can spend the resources and convert an enemy fleet.  Your Commander doesn't die but is promoted into an Overlord in the process (so it can only be done once).
    Sovereign.  You can transform your Commander into a Sovereign who will convert a target enemy fleet into belonging to the League of Non-aligned worlds. You lose the Commander, but it's a great way to take out a huge enemy fleet at a lower cost.
    Privateer.  Your fleet becomes Privateers.  You can go attack other fleets but no one knows who they belong to.  This is really fun if you want to help a third party directly without declaring war.
    Admiral.  And of course, you can promote your Commander to Admiral, which upgrades his ship to something sufficiently awesome if you have enough resources."