No "open Borders" the most dangerous game mechanic ....... (sadly not an joke)

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Can we get this un-sensefull thing get out .......

-> i have NOT an open border with Civ A

-> Civ A fly anyway in my terretorry .... THIS should only happen if Civ A dont like me - otherwise it makes no sense as
he should respect my decision

-> i demand remove from the ships - as we have STILL no "open Borders" ....

-> Civ A get mad over this ... Why ???? (it was clearly his fault .... not mine ..)

-> after doing this "silly thing" (he remove ships, come back after a time) severel times - i have an war with Civ A , an former good friend .... only i like no "open borders" with him .. and he dont respect this from the start ...