Galactic Civilizations III - QoL, Suggestions, etc.

Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2019

So, let's go.
Without any particular order.

Asteroids on the map:
I wish I could change the cost of construction of the mining base to say 10 bc and then 1 bc per day in maintenance.
Double click on the asteroid to build it.
Option to automatically build asteroids as soon as they are in the player's area of influence (at the beginning of each turn).
Option to automatically reassign asteroids to the nearest planet (at the beginning of each turn).

In the Starbase Screen, add two auto build buttons (global and local, the local takes precedence over the global), to automatically build the modules linked to a "ring" at the beginning of each turn if the player has enough resources. The player builds the ring(s) of his choice, then all linked modules are built automatically.

Add colors to differentiate the anomalies in the strategic view (zoom out).
Wormhole: blue or green or yellow color.
Precursor Anomaly: red color.

Survey ship:
Add an additional command: Survey Precursor Anomalies only (Survey PA).

In the planet screen:
Manufacturing queue: double clicking on an item removes it from the list.

Strategic view:
The extreme planets Toxic, Corrosive and Bacterial have the same icon (green color icon, Toxic sign).
By modding, it is possible to change the icons in the tooltips when you mouse hover a planet, but this does not change the icon on the strategic view.

Have specific graphic styles for improvements for all standard races, a little annoying to have the same buildings with different races.

Mouse over a ship/fleet: display the ship/fleet range in the tooltip.

Mouse over a planet: display the civilization name in the tooltip.

Mouse over an hypergate: indicate which hypergate is the destination.
In the strategic view (zoom out), differentiate the graphic when one hypergate is not linked to another (it has no hypergate link).
In the Set Hypergate Destination Screen, add a button to clear all hypergates links in one click.

Add the Korx race so that it is playable.

In the Set Ship Destination window:
In the tabs Rally Points, Colonies, Shipyards and Starbases could the lists be sorted according to the distance, the shorter one at the top, so that, for example for a shipyard, the nearest planet is always at the top of the list.

Leaving at least one armed ship around a planet gives the planet some morale.
Leaving at least one garrison legion on a planet gives the planet some morale.
Useful for new conquered planets.

Planet screen (on top, next to the class and the features of the planet):
Indicate the number of ships around the planet, mouse over indicates which ships are in orbit.

Planet screen:
Add a button (at the bottom next to the Govern Planet button) to unload one or more legions when a transport is in orbit around a planet (pressing the button brings up a quantity selector), the unloaded legions are automatically stationed in garrison.

In the main screen:
Bottom right, in the Power tab.
Indicate how many turns remain before being able to communicate again with a race.

It would be nice to have a special DLC improvements, sets of improvements with specific graphic styles to customize the races created by modders.
Approval, Influence, Manufacturing, Military, Population, Research, Tourism, Wealth, Terraforming, Special, etc.

Planet screen:
Population tooltip shows growth information for the planet, it would be nice to also indicate the information concerning the buildings, the events, the artifacts allowing population to inhabit the planet.

Population 5/10
Growth Per Turn: +0.09
Natural Growth +0.01
Infertile (-1) -15%
Colonization Center +0.06
High Approval + 50%

Population Cap: 10
Colony Capital +3
City +3
Colonization Center +1
Work Camp +1
Bernar Sphere Center (2) +2

Or better, separate the information in two lines in Colony Stats, one line for Growth Per Turn and one line for Population Cap.

Galactic Market screen:
Add buttons to buy/sell 10 resources at a time.

Thulium Mine, Thulium is not listed in the Colony Stats on planet screen, the same for Promotheus Stone Mine (Promethion) and Crystallized Elerium Mine (Elerium).

How exactly work spies on enemy planet, it seems to do nothing and the planet stats are not updated when you place a spy on a planet.
Allow to cycle the ennemies planets in Spies... screen.

In the Citizens and Espionage screen, when you access a colony by selecting a race and then a planet in the colony list, please return to this colony list when you exit the Spies... screen (enemy planet), because actually it closes everything when you exit the Spies... screen and it's hard to use.
Also allow to double click on a planet on the list to go to the colony.

In the Govern Civilization screen, in the Colonies tab, please make the program remember the choice made, for example classify the planets according to the influence (when we click on the icon) when we go on the planet screen, because when we exit the planet screen the choice made is no longer taken into account and it is necessary to start again each time, it is really difficult to use.
Also, in the Population column, display the Current Population / Cap Population directly (eg: 8.71 / 9.50), so that you do not need mouse over every planet to get the information.

In the Govern Civilization screen, in the Colonies tab, display an icon with the number of citizens on the planet. Hover over the icon to display a tooltip with the types of citizens. Also display the number of garrisoned legions (green) and defending legions (red).

In the Govern Civilization screen, add a column for food production.

In the Artifacts screen, some artifacts have the same graphics different from what they are:
Nano Fabricator and Betatron Collider,
Bernal Sphere, Precognitient Sensor and Nanite Transmitter,

In the Artifacts screen, please make, when you double click on a planet in the Artifact Location list and you exit the planet, you return to the Artifacts screen.

I wish I could change the Planet Features to work like Planet Traits.

Eg Wasteland:
Tile Bonus +2 to All Construction
Adjacent Bonus +1 to All Construction
changed to:
All Construction +2
All Construction + 10%

Eg Rare Stone:
Tile Bonus +3 to Wealth
Adjacent Bonus +1 to Influence
changed to:
Wealth +3
Influence +1

The bonuses are not dependent on the type of improvement built on the tile, no matter what improvement is built on the tile, the bonuses are applied to the planet.

There are Stored Goods for the Social Construction, add the Stored Ship Goods for the Ship Construction.
Ship Goods are stored at the planet level instead of being stored at the Shipyard.
This allows a planet to store Ship Goods without being connected to a shipyard, and if a shiyard is destroyed the Ship Goods are not lost.
The artifact that gives build points for shipyards can be used on a planet?
One project transforms Social Construction points into Ship Construction points and vice versa.

Galaxy Options and Game Settings:
Add a reset button to reset the default values.

Hyperlanes, only the owner benefits from the bonus, the other players can rent the hyperlanes by paying 1bc per ship, or depending on the maintenance of the ship, or 10 bc per turn, or ... (to be determined) to use the hyperlanes of another player.

Ship Designer: Design Detail, display the ship space used/hull capacity, eg 104/120.
Mouse over a ship, display the ship space used/hull capacity, eg 104/120.
Ship Detail, Ship Report, display the ship space used/hull capacity eg 104/120.

Galactic Market:
It would be nice to be able to buy unique special components and also legions, foods, administrators, citizens.

Main screen, food tooltip, display at least the five best planets for food income.
Main screen, Planets and Colonies tab, sort: add sort by food income.
Main screen, Planets and Colonies tab, sort: would also be nice to add sort by ship construction.

Currently (v3.96), there is no penalty on aquatic, barren and frozen planets without specialization.

See this thread for a save:

Promote Citizen (v3.96), Crunch Time: tooltip cut with no text.

Mouse over a shipyard: display the accrued manufactured points in the tooltip.

Shipyard screen: add a button to change/reset rally point and a button to reset all shipyards to idle.
Shipyard screen: display the defending fleet.

Modding: I wish I could add a maintenance cost for shipyard, eg 1 bc per turn.

I think the Kiln of Worlds Complex should use Prometheus Stone instead of Promethion, it adds a strategic choice, it is too easy to get Promethion.

Modding: I wish citizen can have more than one boost, eg I would like Slave Master give also some "Morale" on planet.

Added on November 11, 2019.

I would like to add an improvement, the Teleporter (one per player). Once built, it allows to have access to two projects on all the planets of the player.
The first project transforms 1 Population into 1 "Transit Population" (works the same way as for the legions).
The second project transforms 1 "Transit Population" into 1 Population.
This allows teleportation of the population from one planet to another.

Add an additional command: Explore Stars.
The ship moves to a hexagon adjacent to the nearest undiscovered star (so that it is possible to click on the star to get information about the planets in the system), then moves to a hexagon adjacent to the nearest undiscovered star, etc.

The Dimensional Mirror should reveal an area of the map during 10 turns, this is persistent with or without fog of war (currently, with v3.96 it is only one turn).

Nano Fabricator is still +25 Planet Production (v3.96) instead of +100 as indicated in the changelog (description text only).

I would like to add an improvement (one per player) that once built allows access to a project that builds a fleet of several ships. Eg the project allows to build 1 ship A, 2 ships B and 8 ships C, the fleet appears near the planet when all the ships are built (not one by one).

I would like to be able to save a list of ships to build, eg 1 ship A, 1 ship B, 2 ships C, 4 ships D, 4 ships E.
The list is then accessible in all Shipyards and in the Govern Civilization screen, Commands tab.
It is therefore possible to select the list instead of selecting all the ships one by one.

Added on November 12, 2019.

It should be possible to reload the ships with legions after an invasion when we leave the planet. Currently (v3.96), if we invade a planet with 5 legions and we lose 3 legions during the invasion, it is not possible to add legions when the ship is ejected from the planet, even if there are many legions available, the ship is ejected with only 2 legions on board.

Added on November 14, 2019.

The Korath have just surrendered, I can still make peace with them and exchange my technologies against theirs and a lot of their resources.
See this thread for a save:

When they surrendered, their planets still had the Korath icon, but I could access it like mine, by doing so the Drengin icon was updated.
The zone of influence was not updated either and Buram I (at the edge of the map on the right) was still in rebellion.

Bug with the fow:
With the new game option: No FOW in your territory set to On (default).
The area corresponding to the zone of influence is not updated correctly, much of my zone of influence is not visible and as the area of influence increases, the fow should be removed automatically, however this is not the case.
A save file is useless in this case, because when we load a save file the fow is updated correctly, it is only during the game that it does not work properly.

Another problem with the fow (see the Korath save file):
I have an exploration treaty with the Terran Alliance, however I do not see the entirety of their area of influence only a few scattered areas.

Another bug (same Korath save file):
Go to the Diplomacy screen, Treaty Details, in the Gain column all the items are not displayed, and when scrolling the scroll bar, the list is cut off as and when.

I would like it to be possible to buy unique technologies at the galactic market.

Main screen:
List of Shipyards tab and list of Starbases tab, as in the list of Planets tab, display a yellow shield when there is a defending fleet.

In the same way that there is a ship component with 1 Legion, I would like to make a ship component with 1 Population (ideally a Transit Population, see the Teleporter improvement above (Added on November 11, 2019)). This component can be added to a ship and it allows to colonize a planet. The goal here is to be able to upgrade a ship to turn it into a colonizer with already 1 Population (or more Population) on board.

Is it possible to add new invasion tactics, as is it possible with Galactic Civilizations II?

Added on November 15, 2019.

I think it would be interesting to add a mechanism with the food resource.
Food should accumulate and be tradable like other resources.
The population consumes food each turn. 1 Population consumes 0.1 Food per turn, each Legion and Legion in garrison consumes 0.1 Food per turn. If there is not enough food (eg less than 10% missing), the morale is affected for 10 turns and the population decreases, first on the planets that produce little or no food, then the others.
If a lot of food is missing (eg more than 10% and less than 20% missing), the morale is affected more strongly and for a duration of 25 turns. The population decreases more quickly.
If the lack of food is continuous for more than 20 turns or if the lack of food reaches more than 50% missing, the plague may appear on the planets with the most lack of food. The morale of these planets is affected even more strongly for a duration of 50 turns. The population declines at a rapid rate and if the entire population is decimated, the planet becomes abandoned ("neutral") and any player can then colonize it (the planet keeps all its buildings).
The Transit Population (see the Teleporter improvement above (Added on November 11, 2019)) does not consume food (this can be one of the ways to solve the crisis).
Technologies and building upgrades for farms need to come back to allow more food production.
The numbers are given for the example, to be determined.
Events can also be added:
Shortage of food in the galaxy, -25% food production.
Intergalactic plague, -50% food production, many planets are affected by the plague.

Is it possible to add starbase modules that act on food production and on cap population and population growth?

It should be possible to invade a starbase. When a fleet attacks a starbase with an invader with legions and wins the combat, the starbase is not destroyed but captured.
It should also be possible to defend a starbase with legions (a button is available to add/remove legions in the starbase screen). Defending legions are not stationed permanently on the starbase (as is the case with legions in garrison) and can be removed at any time.
When a fleet attacks a starbase with an invader with legions and wins the combat but there are legions in defense, the legions must fight. If the attacking legions win the combat, the starbase is captured. If the defending legions win the combat, the starbase is destroyed.
And maybe the same mechanism for the Shipyard.

Added on November 17, 2019.

Mouse over a shipyard: display the rally point in the tooltip.
Shipyard screen: display the rally point, add a "Rally Point" bouton to access the Set Ship Destination Screen.

Spies... screen: give me info about citizens on foreign planets, display defending legions and garrisoned legions.

Mouse over a planet: display the accrued manufacturing points in the tooltip.

Make all artifacts have an unlimited number of projects, we already have to pay for it.

Mouse over a planet: display the shipyard connected in the tooltip.
Planet screen: at top of the screen, near planet traits, display the shipyard connected.

Principal screen: when we click on an item in the lists in the Ships, Shipyards and Starbases tabs, the item is surligned (yellow color), make the same for the Planet in the list in the Planets tab.
Also, please make the lists remember the position and the item selected and the sort selected when we change the tab, it always reset to the top and it's really hard to use.

Principal screen, Planets and Colonies tab: add additional icons to sort the planets by type: Aquatic, Barren, Frozen, Radioactive, Toxic, Bacterial, Corrosive, Normal Precursor Worlds, Extreme Precursor Worlds, etc. It's really painful to search for them.

Planet screen:
Add the ability to add projects and improvements in the Manufacturing Queue even if there are not enough resources to launch them, they stay on hold and will only be built when resources are available (eg Train Diplomat, not enough Snuggler Colony, we can put it in the list anyway and it will be built when there will be enough resources).

Main screen:
Planets, Ships, Shipyards and Starbases tabs, I would like to be able to add / remove a "mark" on the different items of interest to be able to view them quickly, and add an icon in the sorts for marked items (eg in bottom left of the item graphic).

Added on November 19, 2019.

Diplomacy screen and Espionage screen:
Show me the current governments of foreign races.

Load Transport window:
Display the name of the shipyard from which the ship is launched.

In the Shipyard window, Manufacturing Queue, when you select a ship from the list and press the Cancel button, the ship is deleted and the next one is automatically selected.
This allows you to quickly delete multiple ships in succession by repeatedly pressing the Cancel button.
Please, make sure to reproduce this mode of operation for the Planet screen, Manufacturing Queue list when you press the Cancel button, and also for the Starbase screen, Available Modules list when you press the Build Starbase Module button.

AI declares war unprepared:
Few ships defending around the planets and they are small ships. No legions in defense on the planets. No powerful attack fleets, no invading ships already ready to act. It is therefore very easy to quickly take many of his planets.
AI declares war and is easily destroyed.

Added on November 20, 2019.

In the Citizens and Espionage screen, when you access the colony list in the Colonies tab by selecting a race, display the planet tooltip when hover over a planet in the list.
And display the number of planets at the top of the planet list, eg "Colonies (37)".

In the Govern Civilization screen, Colonies tab, display the planet tooltip when hover over a planet in the list.

There are a considerable number of errors in descriptions and in tooltips.
For example, for the tooltip of the Transport Module, it says "Population Cap 3" whereas it should be "Legions 5".
This really gives the impression of a realization of an amateurish level.
Please, make a pass to update all these types of errors.

Also make a pass to make weapons that require resources more attractive compared to weapons that do not require them, the resources are valuable and it is not worth it.

Please, correct the bug of Gray color Technologies.
See this thread:

Added on November 21, 2019.

Principal screen, Planets and Colonies tab: add a list of foreign planets and add icons to sort the planets by civilization. This is really missing.

Principal screen:
Display the number of research points at the top left of the screen and the number of turns to complete the current research.

Govern Civilization screen, Colonies tab: display the current number of colonies and in brackets the number of colonies allowed based on current government.

Added on November 22, 2019.

In the Govern Civilization screen, Colonies tab, add an icon for sorting the planets by Raw Production.
And also for the list of foreign planets in the screen Citizens and Espionage, Espionage tab, Colonies tab.

In the main screen, as you hover over a starbase, display the relics and ascension crystals connected to the starbase in the starbase tooltip.
Same thing when you hover over a starbase in the trade screen, when you are negotiating with a civilization.

Added on November 23, 2019.

Some different improvements use the same graphic, eg Strategic Command and Quantum Power Plant, etc., etc., etc.
It gives a sloppy gameplay feeling.
Please, make each improvement have its own graphic.

Added on November 27, 2019.

In the Govern Civilization screen, Colonies tab: display the number of free tiles on planets in the Planet Class column.

In the Ship Designer screen, Design Details, the maintenance cost is not updated when adding components to the ship. I do not remember that it worked one day, please do something to make it work.

Added on December 2, 2019.

On the strategic map, show me an icon for the planets I spy on, and in the planet tooltip, indicate the number of spies on the planet.

For the Yor civilization, in the description of Mechanic Citizen, it is supposed to give + 1% per level to Research, it does not work.

Added on December 5, 2019.

Starbase screen, Starbase Report, the tooltip for Hit Points is cut off and has no text.

Shipyard screen, Details (bottom left of the screen), display directly the Accrued Manufacturing Points.

Currently, the population limit is determined by the class of the planet (the number of tiles). A class 10 planet has a limit of 10 populations.
PopulationCapPerTile: 1 --> 10 PopCap

I would like to be able to modify the default population and also be able to modify it during the game using technologies and improvements and also according to the race.
Technology A: PopulationCapPerTile: 1.2 --> class 10 planet: 12 PopCap
Technology B: PopulationCapPerTile: 1.5 --> class 10 planet: 15 PopCap
Civilization A: PopulationCapPerTile: 1 --> class 10 planet: 10 PopCap
Civilization B: PopulationCapPerTile: 1.3 --> class 10 planet: 13 PopCap

It could also be added for Traits and Abilities in the Civilization Builder.

Display the total logistics of the civilization for the ships alone in the ship's info window and in the ship's tooltip, and everywhere else in the user interface.

Added on December 14, 2019.

Add an option to stop the movement of a ship if a foreign ship (not seen) enters its area of vision.

Make it possible for an improvement to give level for all improvements of a type built on the planet.
An improvement gives +1 level to all All Construction type improvements on the planet.
An improvement gives +2 level to all Influence type improvements on the planet.

Add the possibility to remove the garrisoned legions on the planets so that they are again available in the global pool.

Added on December 15, 2019.

We need additional Offers:
Make Peace with... (for 50 turns)
Don't Declare War to... (for 50 turns)

Added on December 16, 2019.

Diplomacy screen:
Add information on the relationships of other civilizations to each other in the Diplomacy screen (like/dislike). This was available in GalCiv2.
Eg: I play Drengin and I would like to have information on what the Altarians think of the Terrans, the Torian, etc., if they are on good terms.
Torian Admires 7
Terrans Dislikes -4

Really annoying bug in Trade screen:
When I make exchange proposals with another civilization in the Trade screen, when I want to complete the difference in value with credits, the necessary amount is not added correctly, it must be modified to find the balance when it should be automatic. This bug has been around for ages.

Added on December 19, 2019.

When decommissioning a ship, indicate the number of credits that will be received in the confirmation window.

Added on December 21, 2019.

Citizens and Espionage screen, Espionage tab, the list of colonies should indicate all the planets of a civilization even those which are still hidden by the fog of war, it is already possible to know them in the list of planets in the Trade screen when we exchange with another civilization.

Planetary Invasion need some work.
Also, the invasion report gives fanciful info.

I would like to be able to change the purchase/sale rate at the Galactic Market depending on the civilization (with improvements, events, etc.).
Eg, the Drengins buy the resources cheaper and resell them more expensive.

I wish I could make trade routes also give planetary resources in addition to credits.
Eg, the destination planet has Artocarpus Viriles and Snuggler Colony, the trade route gives credits (as usual) and also 0.1 Artocarpus Viriles and 0.1 Snuggler Colony.
Resources increase over time (every 50 turns), from turn 1 to turn 50, 0.1 resources, from turn 51 to turn 100, 0.2 resources, from turn 101 to turn 150, 0.3 resources, etc.
Improvements, events, etc. can also increase the amount of resources obtained.

Added on December 24, 2019.

Trade route:
When a planet has a trade route, display the name of the civilization and the name of the planet with which the planet is connected in the planet tooltip.

Bug with Terraforming:
Sometimes, it's not possible to build a terraforming improvement, e.g. Planetary Conversion.
It should always be possible to construct all terraforming improvements on all planets.
This bug has also been there for a very long time.
See this thread for a save:

Added on January 04, 2020.

Citizens and Espionage screen, Espionage tab, Civilization selected Surveillance tab:
Indicate the number of spies that foreign civilization has.
Indicate the number of citizens that foreign civilization has.

Govern Civilization screen, Economy tab:
The total of the U.P. taxes should be displayed in expenses (Summary - Expenses).

Planet screen:
Indicate the number of trade routes and foreign trade routes connected to the planet.

Added on January 30, 2020.

In the Govern Civilization screen, Timeline tab, add a graph for diplomacy and popularity.

When a foreign faction is irritated by a starbase, it can also ask to buy it rather than always wanting to destroy it.

In GalCiv2, it is possible to select the ships without using the keyboard, 1 click to select, 1 click to deselect, this is missing.

And also it misses the possibility of selecting several ships at the same time on the strategic map with the control key and the box drawn with the mouse. It is very practical to select several ships distributed on the map and send them to the same place.

Add a new victory condition: "Domination Victory".
To win by Domination, the faction must have double the value of all the other factions added in certain domains for a duration of 10 turns, namely Economic Power, Population, Raw Production, Social Production and Ship Production.
When this currently happens in the game, the player knows that he has won the game, but he has to win by another victory condition which can take a lot of time while the game is virtually over.

Add a new victory condition: "Espionage Victory".
See this thread.

When a tech is obtained by U.P. decision, tell the player which tech is given and received.

When you get a "Crisis Manager" and you already have a "Crisis Manager" in place, you cannot access the window to decide which one you want to use based on the bonuses it brings.

Make the Shipyard can be upgraded (attack, defense, increase in regenerated hit points when ships are stationed there).
The upgrade is passive (automatic) after the research for a technology.

Make the Hypergate can be upgraded (attack, defense).
The upgrade is passive (automatic) after the research for a technology.

Decommission a starbase must give back the administrator.
If the starbase is destroyed, the administrator is lost.

Synthetic and Silicon Based Life should be able to use Arable Land.
Arable Land can be upgraded to an "Energy Generator" improvement which gives +1 to Raw Production, the improvement can also be upgraded.

They should also be able to use resources like Monsatium Deposit and Food for projects that give construction points.

E.g. Boost Raw Production (use Monsatium Deposit): +1 Raw Production to Planet Construction, Cost 200, Monsatium Deposit -1.
E.g. Boost Social Construction (use Food): +250 Social Construction, Construction Cost 25, Food -1.
E.g. Boost Ship Construction (use Food): +250 Ship Construction, Construction Cost 25, Food -1.

Aready build Farm (and Food improvements) give them Food they can use for projects.
They can upgrade already build Farm (and upgraded Farm) to "Energy Generator" (and upgraded Energy Generator).

Negative food must give a global morale penalty.

Yor (Synthetic) cannot destroy the "City" improvement already build. They should.

In the Govern Civilization screen, Commands tab, add commands:

Unassigned (Idle Ships)


(Added February 11, 2020.)
Unassigned (Idle Ships)

Go to the nearest Planet
Go to the nearest Shipyard
Go to the nearest Starbase

Very useful when the player chooses an Ideological advantage, such as:
"All planets receive 3 free defending ship."
"All planets receive a fully armed Overlord class ship."
and that it has a hundred planets, or with an event, etc.

Make the save file saves the player preference between the "Technology" screen and the "Tech Tree" screen.
When you load a save file, it resets to the "Technology" screen, which is very annoying.

Added on January 31, 2020.

Please make the whole area in red clickable to select one of the proposals instead of just the tiny "button" area.
Thank you very much.

Added February 1, 2020.

Make the whole area in red responsive when using the mouse wheel to change the Tax Rate instead of just the tiny "cursor graphic" area.
The setting cursor graphic could also be a little larger when the mouse cursor is used.
Thank you very much.

Make it possible to position a Rally Point above the Fog Of War.

Added February 2, 2020.

When a faction has established a Trade Route to one of my planets, I get a bonus in relation to that faction.
Here, the Yor established a Trade Route with my faction (Torian).
"We are trading with each other ++"

Because of this, I also received a penalty in relation to the Drath.
"You are trading with infidels -"

The only way to avoid the penalty (my goal is to have the best possible relationship with the Draths) is to remove the Trade Route from the Trade Route screen.

But that will certainly not prevent the Yor from sending me other Trade ships, unless I impose an embargo on the Yor (this is not necessarily what I want to do).
My suggestion is to add a new "Open Trade" treaty which authorizes the establishment of Trade Routes between factions.
This treaty, somewhat similar to the "Open Borders" treaty, authorizes a faction to send its Trade ships to my planets.
If the treaty is not active, a faction cannot send its Trade ships and I do not receive a penalty with the other factions.

Added February 6, 2020.

In the Diplomacy, Report screen, add buttons to cycle civilizations.

In the Spies... screen, add buttons to cycle planets.

Civilizations with the "Ancient" ability should give more value to the purchase and sale of starbases with Ascension Crystal because they get a very advantageous bonus in research with them.
They should give them more value (430 vs 780) than a starbase with Strategic Resources (Promethion, etc.).

There is no place to know the value in Soldering of my civilization.
Add a place where it can be viewed.
It would also be great to add a graph for Soldering in the Govern Civilization, Timeline tab screen.

Added February 11, 2020.

When the civilization played is selected, here the Torians, the level of relationships of other civilizations towards the selected civilization is directly displayed.

When another civilization is selected, here the Koraths, the level of relationships of other civilizations towards the selected civilization is displayed.
Tooltips are also updated based on the selected civilization.

Information on the level of relationships with other civilizations already encountered is also displayed in the tooltip for each civilization.
E.g. "Thalan Admires 7", "Drath Trusts 2".

This allows the player to be able to read all the information desired in one screen to be able to fully play the game of diplomacy.