What's with Altarians in Milky Way campaign?

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Hi, this is my first post. I've been playing GalCiv3 for a couple of weeks. Thoroughly enjoying it and discovering the depth, scope and complexity as I work through  the early campaigns. I'm a veteran strategy gamer and it's great to find a new (to me) turn-based 4X game that challenges me.

BUT... what's with the overwhelming power and erratic behaviour of the Altarian Resistance in the Milky Way campaign? No matter what I do, at whatever level of difficulty, pretty soon after I encounter them they steamroller me and I've nothing to counter them with. Their fleets are far, far superior to anything I can produce, and their attitude towards me makes no real sense. Cordial, even warm, to begin with, then out of the blue they tell me I'm ripe for conquest or I've done something to upset them. Then a couple more demands for tribute or similar, and no matter how I respond then they declare war. 

It's happened three times consecutively now. They are absolutely mighty and once they decide to crush me I'm crushed. 

Kind've a gamebreaker, really. Would love to find a way around this. Maybe I should just move on to a different campaign but I'm stubborn and want to see this one through. I don't object to the Alts being a galactic superpower, it's more the irrational behaviour that bothers me, leading them every time to wreck my game. Diplomacy (which does seem a somewhat limited/simplistic, potentially interesting but under-developed feature in the game overall) and negotiation go nowhere. I'm stumped.