The ship upgrade menu need to have ship filter like quick build

Posted on Monday, October 21, 2019

It bother me to no end that it has no way to filter out if you want it to show All, Core, or User ship like it does in the quick build or when designing a ship.

I like this menu by a lot but it could be better if I could sort those Core ship out. They're worthless to me since my own designs are way better but it got flooded/mixed by Core design.

This is an individual ship upgrade menu. It bother me how you can see the top bar has "All" filter but nothing else. If you hover your cursor over that area, it shows that it has three other tab that isn't usable but you can click on it which it will does nothing. I'm hovering my cursor over one of them, it shows in yellow as you can see.

The quick build menu on shipyard has those filter which I would love to have it on the above example. Could you guy please look into this?