Support modules

Stack or not?

Posted on Sunday, October 13, 2019

Support modules, like the Wake Generator... do they stack? Are they supposed to stack?

I built myself a custom medium ship with a little weapons and defense and Wake Generator, Repulsor Field and Stellar Accelerator.

I then built 6 of these and stacked them into one fleet. Move speed with one fold engine on each is over 40, while one ship alone is... oh I should have written it down, but I think it was 12 or something... below 20 anyway. However, the tactical speed doesn't report a change when viewing ship details.

Alone : tactical speed over 180.

Fleet of 5 : tactical speed of 150

Fleet of 6 : tactical speed of 150

From what I can tell, stacking into a fleet drops tactical speed... but it looks like the Wake Generator doesn't do anything.

Really there are a lot of things where it doesn't report or the information can't be seen at all... so there is no way to know for sure if some of those things are actually working.

I mean, it took me over 50 hours of play to figure out that Sensor Power has to reach thresholds to increase actual sensor range. Up until then, I thought that station sensors were bugged because they said stuff like 'increases sensor range by 8'. Now I know that it increases Sensor POWER by 8, which hits the threshold for like +3 range or something. In other words, someone accidentally wrote the wrong word and hasn't found it yet to fix it.

Anyway, what I'm wanting to know in this post... if multiple ships are in a fleet and have the same buff module, are they supposed to stack?