Help with Tech Unlocks

Posted on Friday, October 11, 2019

I'm trying to unlock some specific techs through the console and it keeps failing. In a test game using the Terran Alliance, I get two different errors when I try to use the 'unlock' command: when I put in an invalid internal name I get failed: unknown tech name 'NAME' which makes sense. However, when I enter a valid name, it also fails. For example:


> unlock TerranMilitarizationTech

Failed: Tech 'TerranMilitarizationTech' is not present in player's tech tree.


I've confirmed in both the TerranTechDefs.xml file and also in a tech tree viewer/editor I found on NexusMods that 'TerranMilitarizationTech' is the name of the next tech to be unlocked (the 'Militarization' node of the Terran tech tree) but I keep getting the not present error. Can't seem to find any discussions of what causes this so I'm not sure where to go with troubleshooting from here.

Another thing I've noticed is that my TerranTechDefsText.xml file is almost completely blank; it's got about 17 lines of text in it and not one of them is an actual definition. Is this normal for that file? The other races I've looked at have actual data in there and it's making it extremely difficult to do the cross-referencing I need to do in order to determine tech internal names.


Anybody have any ideas?