[Enquiry] GC3's Future (Modding Additions and Requests)

Posted on Sunday, September 22, 2019

I was wondering if there are any plans to allow us access to the dll source code? (Like Firaxis does with thier Civ games)

If this is not possible or not on the cards. Could we please have Buffers (like Invasions and Promotions) added to:-

  • TradeRouteModifierTargetTypes.xsd
  • ShipHullTypes.xsd
  • StrategicResourceTypes.xsd
  • StrategicIconTypes.xsd
  • PersonalityTypes.xsd
  • GalaxySizeTypes.xsd
  • StatTypes.xsd  (mainly for adding new Resources)
  • PrerequisiteDef.xsd  (The addition of ShipHullType and ShipRoleType, For events: PersonalityType, AtWar, AtPeace, IsAI, IsPlayer, PlanetTraitType)
  • Ability to add a PreReq to the Stat/Modifier and Trigger Tables within other tables.

A fix for AudioAssets and GraphicsAssets tables failing to check the ....\GC3Crusade\Mods\MyMod\Movie, Audio and GFX folders for new Assets like movies, music, splash screens, colour palletes etc.

There are probably other scheme's too, I will add them as and when I come accross them. Or others can chip in