Help with synthetic population growth

Help with synthetic population growth

Posted on Saturday, September 14, 2019

It's been quite a while since I played GalCiv 3, I think it was before crusaders. One of my first Civ back then was the Yor and I liked how it played. Now, after returning, I wanted to play a synthetic race but, for whatever reason, I couldn't find the manufacture population option. I'm completely lost on how to increase my synthetic population. Is it a research tec now? Is it a bug that I'm not aware of? Or I should not use the time travel or cybernetic ability?

I searched in the forums, but the topics I found said that it was manufactured as always and you need to select the population manufacture, but that is it.

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I found the solution... it is now a research tec   . Forget that I post this thing. I'll leave this here for anyone else that is like me.