Intuitive nerf, what was the thinking behind that?

Posted on Sunday, September 8, 2019

This ability grants some Improvements like Xeno Anthropology Center, the influence for these improvements is 0.1 then 0.2 then 0.3 per turn. A mining ring on 1 starbase gives +1 influence, now we add all the influence up from these improvements that are colony unique (and you cant have them all on one planet due to them been upgrades of one another but hey, I like totals and it shows how bad this nerf is) and we get a total of 0.6 per turn. 1 Mining ring is better than 3 unique special improvements. Like why? Simply do not get that nerf what so ever, you may as well have just removed the improvements influence all together setting it to 0.1 per upgrade is just taking the absolute *beep*, as well as it been absolutly pointless.