Some gameplay improvement suggestions.

Posted on Friday, August 16, 2019

Couple of things I have noticed that could use a look at, if it were at all possible.


One - Placement of AI players homeworld on map generation.

Why I mention this: Today, I generated a 'gigantic' map, with only 1 random AI as opponent. And, to my surprise, the Kyrnn homeworld, was literally next star sytem. Like 20 hexes away. It them all of about 2 turns to begin making threatening noises diplomatically. And I would have given them no more than 10 more turns before they were invading and occupying Earth.


I just killed that start. Naturally they had grabbed just every world in the small portion of the  visible map in less than 10 turns, so screw that. There must be some way to better tweak the length between different factions homeworlds on generation, but clearly, none exists now or else I  wouldn't see the Krynn homeworld 1 star system over.


Two. Capital City Special Improvement.


This is kind of related the above. It would also be nice, if the capital cirty on generation, was not placed in a hex with no build-able hexes adjacent. Kind of defeats the purpose of having such a nice adjacency special, if the RNG plops it down in a hex where you get no benefit from it, or very limited and only after extensive terraforming. Thinking of Earth specifically, it kind of sucks when the item is placed in the North or South American hex, severely limiting its utility , but the same idea applies to all homeworlds of course regardless.