AI land grabs and cheating in early game. (still)

Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Here we are in 2020(almost), and one of galcivs least enduring features is a still thing. The AI swarming and filling the galaxy in record time.

This is, for me, still the most irritating feature of the Galciv series. In the early game, the AI can basically fills the entire galaxy while the player, is often relegated to marginal worlds, and perhaps a handful of semi-decent planets , but only if the RNG is kind and they are placed relatively close to your homeworld. 


The obscene advantages (cheats) the AI is given, means they spam colony ships  with no real penalty or downsides to contend with.

The other problem, related to the AI cheating, is how the AI knows exactly where to send its colony ships, whereas you, have to build slow moving explorer ships to get some kind of handle on where you actually need to go. A lot of the times, finding viable worlds to settle is like stumbling around in the dark. Which is fine and realistic, except the AI does labor under anything like these handicaps and not only cheats on the production side, but, it knows exactly where it has to send its ships, and never has to worry about wasting time and resources 'exploring'. 


Somewhat related to this, is the means, that there are never any 'new' worlds to settle later on, random events excluded, since the its a frenetic AI driven land-grab that is  usually over in the early hours of the game. 


 The extremely rapid pace of early settlement, is to my mind, a real problem for the series. There is nothing resembling the careful, measured and slower pace of expansion into the galaxy in this game. Well, actually there is, but its all on the human side. The 'AI' expands like yeast in a bottle and I feel that is a problem. Its not a new problem, but, here in 2019 and an entirely new GC, I still find as annoying as ever. If there is one thing that keeps me from the playing the game a lot more than I do currently, it is this.