Gc3 wont install to my computer

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

my documents/ my games/ gc3 folder is missing, and won't install to my computer. I now this is probably the source of the error missing data files. I'm trying to troubleshoot, but I can't get this file. I can't get to tiny url support steam; because I can't answer this debug steam help. If this makes my game drive is a d: ssd drive. it's there, but it is empty.

Edit When I try to play the game from the shortcut oor steam, i PUSH PLAY THE first screen pops up the one that ask to start game only. It advertise other games... I press start. A error message comes up it says missing retribution data files. Tiny url files two of them it says underneath. I go to the manual to get to the troubleshooting page it doesn't seem to deal with this problem. So I start troubleshooting. Eventually it gets to the part where it wants me to edit a file in my gc3 crusade folder. When I check the folder it is empty. I can't understand how to make this clearer. folder that should not be empty is empty can't fill it I need to know how. 

edit no steamworks shared folder inder my common apps.